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Ben DechraiMy name is Ben Dechrai, and I travel a lot. Per year, my flying contributes an estimated 50 tonnes of CO2 to the environment, and until now, I’ve been offsetting that with tree planting.

It turns out, though, that tree planting isn’t the most sustainable way to address the issue. A tree can only sequester so much CO2, whereas programs to reduce CO2 generation have a longer-term success rate.

Truth is, it’s taken me quite a bit of research to work out what to invest my money in, and I’ve spoken to others who are similarly overwhelmed.

For them, this has resulted in either an uneasy feeling about how they’re offsetting or, worse, inaction due to a lack of time to work out where to invest their money.

If you're like me, you'll want to diversify, to help a range of programs, but with a minimum cost per program it's just not possible for one person to do this.

So, Hoist was born, through which we can aggregate all our contributions. We can invest them in the best programs we can find, that provide the most sustainable impact on our climate, and support organisations in various regions around the world.

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