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Fund effective climate change programs with a single payment

Whether you’re offsetting your annual family carbon footprint or your work-related travel impact, Hoist takes the hard work out of donating effectively.

This platform is still under development.

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Hoist lets you engage however you like

From set-and-forget to an active community, Hoist is designed to work for everyone.

Set and Forget

We willl always invest in the best programs we can find. This option gives you the peace of mind that you’re contributing as effectively as we are. If you like, you can also join the community forum for more involvement, but there’s certainly no requirement for this.

Community Driven

We will always listen to our community. If you have an idea of where to invest, we’re all ears. The old adage of many hands making light work is certainly the differantiator here.

Always Informed

However involved you are, you’ll always know what’s happening. From clear reports on where we’re investing money, to the latest news on the current climate fixing strategies, you’ll always know how you’re helping.

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